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Óenach: Reviews 6.2 (2014)

Posted in Óenach Reviews 6.2 by Ann Buckley on 26 January 2015

ISSN   2009-325X

Óenach Reviews 6.2 (2014)

Michael J. Enright, Prophecy and Kingship in Adomnán’s ‘Life of Saint Columba’ . Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2013. Reviewed by Katja Ritari (pp. 1–6)

John Scattergood, John Skelton: the Career of an Early Tudor Poet. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2014. Reviewed by Andrew Carpenter (pp. 7–10)

‘Cambridge Views of Edward’: Caroline Burt, Edward I and the Governance of England, 1272-1307 .Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012; Andrew M. Spencer, Nobility and Kingship in Medieval England: The Earls and Edward I, 1272– 1307. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. Review article by Colin Veach (pp. 11–18)

Stefano Mengozzi, The Renaissance Reform of Medieval Music Theory: Guido of Arezzo between Myth and History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Reviewed by Máire Buffet (pp. 19–22)


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