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Óenach: Reviews 5.1 (2013)

Posted in Óenach Reviews 5.1 by Ann Buckley on 1 July 2013

ISSN   2009-325X

Óenach Reviews 5.1 ( 2013)

1. Karen Hodder & Brendan O’Connell (ed.), Transmission and Generation in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Essays in Honour of John Scattergood. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2012. Reviewed by Natalie Calder (pp. 1–5)

2. Larissa Tracy and Jeff Massey (ed.), Heads will Roll. Decapitation in the Medieval and Early Modern Imagination. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2012.  Reviewed by Jane Grogan (pp. 6–13)

3. Colum Hourihane (ed.), Insular & Anglo-Saxon: Art & Thought in the Early Medieval Period. Pennslyvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011. Reviewed by Juliet Mullins (pp. 14–19)

4. Elisabeth Okasha, Women’s Names in Old English. London: Ashgate, 2011. Reviewed by Marilina Cesario (pp. 20–23)

5. Jennifer Fitzgerald, Helen Waddell and Maude Clarke. Irishwomen, friends and scholars. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 2012. Reviewed by Dáibhí Ó Cróinín (pp. 24–31)

6. Thomas Herron and Willy Maley (ed.), The Sidney Joural, 29 (1-2), 2011. Special Issue: Sir Henry Sidney in Ireland and Wales. Reviewed by Crawford Gribben (pp. 32–35)


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