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Óenach: Reviews 4.2 (2012)

Posted in Óenach Reviews 4.2 by Ann Buckley on 8 January 2013

ISSN   2009-325X

 Issue 4.2 (2012)

1.Susan Boynton and Diane J. Reilly (eds), The Practice of the Bible in the Middle Ages: Production, Reception and Performance in Western Christianity. New York and Chichester: Columbia University Press, 2011. Reviewed by Salvador Ryan (pp. 1–9)

2. Larissa Tracy, Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature: Negotiations of National Identity. Woodbridge: D.S. Brewer, 2012. Reviewed by Frances McCormack (pp. 10–13)

3. Ann Buckley and Cynthia Cyrus (eds), Music, Dance, and Society. Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Memory of Ingrid G. Brainard. Medieval Institute Publications: Kalamazoo, 2011. Reviewed by Susan Boynton (pp. 14–22)

4. Elizabeth Mullins and Diarmuid Scully (eds), Listen, O Isles, unto Me: Studies in Medieval Word and Image in Honour of Jennifer O’Reilly. Cork: Cork University Press, 2011. Reviewed by Laura Cleaver (pp. 23–31)

5. Peter Harbison and Valerie Hall (eds), A Carnival of Learning: essays to honour George Cunningham and his 50 conferences on medieval Ireland in the Cistercian Abbey of Mount St Joseph, Roscrea, 19872012. Roscrea: Cistercian Publications, 2012. Reviewed by Aideen M. Ireland (pp. 32–42)

6. Christiaan Corlett and Michael Potterton (eds), Settlement in Early Medieval Ireland in the Light of Recent Archaeological Excavations. Research Papers in Irish Archaeology, 3. Bray: Wordwell, 2011. Reviewed by Russell Ó Riagáin (pp. 43–49)

7. John Patrick Montaño, The Roots of English Colonialism in Ireland. Critical Perspectives on Empire. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Reviewed by David Heffernan (pp. 50–58)

8. Neil Xavier O’Donoghue, The Eucharist in Pre-Norman Ireland. University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame, 2011 and
9. Frederick Edward Warren, The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church, with Introduction by Neil Xavier O’Donoghue. Third Edition with New Material. Gorgias Press: Piscataway, 2010. Reviewed by Ann Buckley (pp. 59–66/66–68 )


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