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Óenach: Reviews 3.2 (2011)

Posted in Óenach Reviews 3.2 by Ann Buckley on 29 February 2012

ISSN   2009-325X

 Issue 3.2 (2011)

1. Peter Clarke and Tony Claydon (eds), Saints and Sanctity. Studies in Church History, 47. Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 2011. Reviewed by Laura Cleaver (pp. 1–10)

2. Katja Ritari, Saints and Sinners in Early Christian Ireland: Moral Theology in the Lives of Saints Brigit and Columba. Turnhout: Brepols, 2009. Reviewed by Salvador Ryan (pp. 11–18)

3. Greta-Mary Hair and Betty I. Knott (eds), The Office for St Kentigern. Musica Scotica Editions of Early Scottish Music, 6. Glasgow: Musica Scotica Trust, 2011. Reviewed by Ann Buckley (pp. 19–26)

4. Marie Therese Flanagan, The Transformation of the Irish Church in the Twelfth Century. Studies in Celtic History, 29. Cambridge: The Boydell Press, 2010. Reviewed by Damian Bracken (pp. 27–35)

5. Seán Duffy (ed.), Medieval Dublin X. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2010. Reviewed by Larissa Tracy (pp. 36–42)

6. Thomas Finan (ed.), Medieval Lough Cé: History, Archaeology and Landscape. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2010. Reviewed by Larissa Tracy (pp. 43–49)

7. Brent Miles, Heroic Saga and Classical Epic in Medieval Ireland. Studies in Celtic History, 30. Woodbridge and Rochester: D. S. Brewer, 2011. Reviewed by Raymond Cormier (pp. 50–54)

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