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Posted in Óenach 1.1 by obrienatrix on 17 October 2008

Deadline for submissions: EXTENDED: PLEASE CONTACT oenach.journal@gmail.com

: JFMRSI is a work in progress. We welcome shorter articles on any topic Medieval and/or Renaissance, as well as new translations, and editions, manuscript descriptions, and other new findings, discoveries, and rediscoveries. The terms “Medieval” and “Renaissance” are intended in their broadest and most inclusive sense; that is:

• from the Late Antique to the Early Modern periods (roughly 4th – early 17th centuries CE/AD);
• in all parts of the world;
• including other cultures’ equivalents to a “Medieval,” “Renaissance,” or “post-Classical and pre-Modern” period (if this happens to fall outside the aforementioned chronological period);
• including comparative work, especially work crossing traditional boundaries between “Medieval” and “Renaissance,” and work discussing – and indeed questioning – the very terms themselves;

To combat our field’s (broadly speaking) characteristic slow turn-around time and consequent slowness in pace, and in the interests of intellectual re-invigoration, Oenach is a digital journal and specializes in shorter articles, of two types:

• 2,500-4,000 words: most of our articles will be in the form of “notes”: building, for example, on material presented recently at colloquia and conferences, or as postgraduate course-work;
• 6,000-7,500 words: we will be publishing at most two or three such medium-length articles per issue.

Submission guidelines

Please submit the following THREE items (see next section for the formatting matters)

(1) cover sheet: name – title of paper – institutional affiliation (if any; neither required nor indeed necessary) – contact information: especially email address
(2) abstract (250 words): anonymous, and bearing no indications of  authorial identity (such as headers and footers, and electronic file name; self-referential notes should be in the third person)
(3) the paper itself, followed by list of works cited: again, this should be anonymous.

Formatting and other formal guidelines:

Óenach only accepts electronic submissions; we accept .doc, .odt, or .rtf files; composed in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, Google Docs, assorted plain text editors, etc. This is for the purposes of reviewers using Mac OS or Microsoft Windows.
• Style: MHRA (a PDF of the MHRA Style Guide may be downloaded for free here; please note that copies may only be downloaded and copied for personal use, but cannot be re-published elsewhere).
• 10-12 point; justified or left-aligned; and in any reasonably legible font.
• Languages: “British English” or Irish. Citations in other languages should appear in the original language in the main text, and in translation in the notes.
• Length: EITHER 2,500-4,000 OR 6,000-7,500 words (excluding notes).
• The abstract and article should not bear any indications as to authorial identity: this is for the purposes of a proper blind-review process.
• Notes should be in the form of footnotes (rather than end-notes)
• A list of works cited should appear at the end of the paper (rather than as a separate document)

Please email your submission (with the three aforementioned items as attachments) to:



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